Wednesday, 25 September 2013

collection eyeshadow pencils

Hi everyone!

Today I have a review of what I believe to be a (relatively) new product from Collection - the eyeshadow pencils. 

Collection Eyeshadow Pencils

These caught my eye a few times while browsing before I decided to buy any, and I have to say I'm glad I did! I have the colours Vintage Blush (3) and Hot Chocolate (4). I was drawn to these colours as I'm all about neutral eye makeup, I'm a little scared of colour to be honest! They are lovely subtle colours, and I think they look great together.

Collection Eyeshadow Pencils

I know there are a lot of similar products like this around at the moment but these are the only ones I've tried, so I can't compare at the moment, but I'm much more impressed with these than I expected to be. The only experience I've ever had with eyeshadow pencil/crayon type products before these were a horrible silver one that came in one of those makeup sets that get given to young girls. It slid down my face before I knew it and people thought I had a black eye! So naturally I was wary of these at first. However when I swatched them in the shop, I then went to look at other products and by the time I came back the swatches had set and weren't budging, which seemed very promising.

Collection Eyeshadow Pencils

In the photo above I'm wearing Vintage Blush all over my lid and Hot Chocolate on the outer corner and into the crease. This photo was taken after probably about 6 hours of wear and there is no creasing or any movement at all. These do claim to be waterproof and when I tried licking my finger and rubbing my hand (nice, I know!) only a tiny amount of product came off, and I did have to rub pretty hard, so I'm inclined to agree with the claims on the packaging. That being said, when it comes to removal, I don't actually own any eye makeup specific remover, let alone waterproof, but the product came off easily which was a relief, as it meant I wouldn't need to pull at my eyes to get it off.

Brilliant lasting power aside, the formula of these is great, really creamy and easy to blend - for a small while, at least. They are totally blendable when first applied but they will set fairly quickly and after that, they're going nowhere You can kind of see this on the right eye in the photo above (my left) - I applied to both eyes and then blended, and have learnt since then that it's best to apply then blend each eye at a time.

As you can probably tell by how much I've gone on about these, I love them! Luckily they exceeded all my expectations and are such a great price too - £3.19 on the Collection website here but I think prices can differ from shop to shop.

I am definitely interested in the other colours, I actually think the whole colour selection is wearable but just a little less browny-neutral than I'm used to, which is why I haven't purchased just yet. Vanilla Sky is a pearly white which I imagine would be great as a base for other products. The navy shade, Denim Diva, swatches absolutely beautifully but I keep looking at it and thinking I won't dare to use it. I think I need to pluck up the courage though!

Have you tried these eyeshadow pencils? Are you as big a fan as I am?

Hope you liked!

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