Wednesday, 2 October 2013

dainty doll blusher

Hi everyone!

Today I have another review, this time of a blusher.

Dainty DollBlusher - You Are My Sunshine

This is from the Dainty Doll collection by Nicola Roberts, and is called You Are My Sunshine. - I should note here that  Please excuse the grubby packaging in these photos, I've actually had this blusher for months - it was shown in this post when I bought it, and I promised to post about it so, 6 months later, I'm doing it!

Packaging wise, it's fairly simple, the standard satin black that all of the Dainty Doll products come in, with the name of the brand on the top and a sticker on the bottom. It comes with a mirror too and considering how large the pan is, it's a handy thing to have - some products have such small mirrors it seems pointless! The name of the shade isn't included on the actual packaging, only on the outer box, which is kind of annoying. Anyway, that aside, the rest of this post should be much more positive.

Dainty DollBlusher - You Are My Sunshine
Dainty DollBlusher - You Are My Sunshine

This is a peachy pink colour with a golden shimmer to it which I've seen compared to the famous NARS Orgasm blusher. I haven't got that to compare them but have seen some side by side photos and can definitely see how similar the two are. You can see just how much use (and love) I've given this blusher in the photos.

Dainty DollBlusher - You Are My Sunshine

Hopefully this photo gives you an idea of how the blusher looks on the skin. A little goes a long way with this product as you can probably tell from the swatch above. This gives such a lovely glow to the cheeks and I absolutely love the peachy colour. This product was designed for pale skin like mine so it goes brilliantly with my complexion. I think the colour is just so beautiful, it's possible my favourite blusher that I own.

I got this for a bargain price of something like £2 or £3, it was reduced along with a load of other Dainty Doll products, I bought a few as you can see in the post linked above. I'm not really sure if this is still available or if it was reduced because it's been discontinued. It's still showing on the DD site here, and seems to be available on places like Amazon through private sellers, or eBay, but nowhere 'official'. If it has been discontinued, at least it is still available so I'm not just teasing you! If you can, I would definitely recommend this colour. As well as being designed for pale girls, I bet the glowiness means it would look great on tanned skin too.

Have you tried any of this range before? What would you recommend?

Hope you liked!

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