Wednesday, 12 February 2014

ebay makeup brushes

Hi everyone!

This post has been in the making for a few months now - ever since this post from Makeup Savvy, to be precise.

I'm firmly in the 'you can never have too many makeup brushes' camp and so the price of these brushes made it a no brainer. As it happened, I was lucky enough to receive them for Christmas, however I'm seriously considering buying more for myself. And here's why...

Ebay Makeup Brushes

I was kind of expecting decent quality after reading Fee's post, but I didn't expect them to be quite so soft! They feel just as high quality as my Real Techniques brushes - which I also love - and when comparing with my eyes closed, I can't tell the difference (aside from the different shapes). They are all so soft! That's something that came as a really pleasant surprise.

Ebay Makeup Brushes

The set I got was the 10pc for £10.12, so roughly £1 per brush, which includes 5 face and 5 eye brushes.So far I've found a use for all but one brush (and I know what I would use that one for, I just haven't needed to yet).
Ebay Makeup Brushes

So first up the face brushes. Left to right here's what I've been doing with them (using the names from the eBay listing):

The Tapered Kabuki has been used to blend in concealer under my eyes and then apply powder to the same area. In general it's just good for getting into smaller areas that the larger brushes can't quite get to.

Then there's the Flat Kabuki. This is the one I haven't used yet, but I would be using it for foundation if I was to use it. It may also come in handy for cream face products, but I've not tried that out yet.

The Round Angled Kabuki is my blusher brush, pretty straightforward really. It's angled nicely and applies product right where I need it.

The Flat Angled Kabuki is what I use for blusher during the week. I find this is better for applying a little less blush, which is what I'm aiming for when I'm at work - not wanting to look like I have much makeup on, but also not wanting to be asked if I'm feeling ill! I guess it's because the bristles aren't as dense, that this applies a lighter wash of colour.

The Round Kabuki is my favourite. I haven't applied foundation with anything else since I got this. Before I received this set, I was using the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, as I'd been preferring it over the Buffing Brush. I kind of see this brush as the Expert Face Brush, and the Flat Kabuki as the Buffing Brush, which is why I haven't tried out the flat version yet. What I like about this brush is that it's not too large, so I can apply foundation easily to my whole face, and it buffs it in beautifully.

Ebay Makeup Brushes

And these are the eye brushes. I won't go through these individually as Fee described the uses of them perfectly, all I'll say is that the one she uses for concealer, I've been using for eyeshadow in the outer corner and for blending. The flat top ones though I've found so useful with my Maybelline Colour Tattoos - I hadn't worked out a way to use them without making a mess of my fingers, so these brushes have really helped.

Overall I am incredibly happy with these brushes, so much so that like I said I'm considering buying another set as a backup (read: to help me leave longer between washing them. Sorry!). I also noticed they have a few other different sets, an eye set and a travel set that look tempting, as they are also great value. It seems that so far, eBay is tying with Real Techniques for my 'favourite makeup brush brand' award. And I never thought I'd say that...

Do you have any experiences with eBay makeup brushes to share?

Hope you liked!


  1. Ah I have heard good things about these from all over! Such a bargain but for now I'll stay faithful to my Real Techniques brushes!

    Jade | The Jade Aesthetic

    1. Yeah, I definitely still love and use my Real Techniques brushes, but these are pretty high up on my list too now! x

  2. Your makeup brushes are amazing, they look good and soft for everyday makeup routine.. nice post and great collection of brushes. Thanks for sharing!!

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