Wednesday, 5 February 2014

spotty nails (again)

Hi everyone!

Firstly I feel I should apologise for this post. It seems my go to nail look at the moment is dots. I wanted to do something different this time, but decided I just didn't have enough time. Anyway, on with the post...

Last weekend I went on a company weekend away, so I wanted to make sure my nails were presentable. I find that the Barry M gelly nail paints last longest for me, so I knew I wanted to use them. I then couldn't decide on which colour to use, so I just went for all the ones I own!

Spotty Nails with Barry M Gelly Paints

So as you can see the result isn't anything special, but I tried to make it a little different to normal. The colours are showing a little washed out here but you get the overall idea. I don't have much to say about these nails really, other than I liked them! I've spoken before about the Gelly formula from Barry M - see here - and how much I like them, and I've added two to my collection since that post - I've restrained myself(!)

Colours used were: Papaya, Grapefruit, Prickly Pear, Greenberry, Key Lime and Guava, on a base of Lychee.

That's all from me today, hope you liked!

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