Wednesday, 9 April 2014

a wishlist

Hi everyone!

Today I have a type of post I've never done before - a wishlist. I don't want to say that these will be a regular thing by any means, but I just wanted to show a few products that are on my mental shopping list at the moment.


1: Revlon Colorburst Matte Lips - I'm a bit late on these I know, but I am really keen to try these matte lip balms. On my last shopping trip I'd swatched and was all ready to buy Elusive, but all I could find was testers! So this is still on my to-buy list, for now.

2: La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo [+] - This was on my wishlist back when it was the old formula, and still is now. I've deliberated over getting this so many times and am not really sure why I haven't yet!

3: Barry M Aquarium Collection - I saw this post on Essie Button which made me want the whole collection! Specifically though that blue shade looks beautiful!

4: Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Lips - More from Barry M! This item was inspired by this post on Corrie's blog. I'm quite a big fan of lip pencils and thought these looked like a good option at an affordable price.

5: Acrylic lip storage - I've been wanting something this for a while but in all honesty don't have the room for it at the moment. However, we're moving in a couple of months so I'm thinking it's perfect timing to get some new storage! And at that price, maybe I'll get two...

So there's 5 things on my wishlist/shopping list at the moment!

Have you tried any of these, and would you recommend them? What else would you suggest I add to my list?

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