Wednesday, 28 May 2014

eBay blush palette

Hi everyone! 

 Today I wanted to talk about a blush palette I got for Christmas, and have been loving.

eBay Blush Palette

This palette is from eBay, I don't remember which blog I originally saw it on but I knew I needed one the moment I read about it!

Unfortunately one of the shades was ruined when it arrives, but there is a little product still in the pan so all isn't totally lost.

eBay Blush Palette

These swatches left to right are 1-10 from the labels above. As you can see shade 2 doesn't have quite as much impact but on the whole the pigmentation of every shade really packs a punch. I am super impressed with the colour payoff of these, and they also blend super easily on the skin - which is a good thing as it can be easy to pick up too much product especially with the bolder shades.
Most of the shades are shimmery, but 8 and 9 are more matte and 6 is more of a satin finish I would say. None of them are what I would describe as glittery though, the shimmer is subtle enough once on the face. Initially most of the shades can come off quite chalky, but because of the easy blending, this is soon rectified.

eBay Blush Palette
eBay Blush Palette

On the left cheek here I'm wearing shade 8, and on the right is shade 7. I think these pictures demonstrate the difference in finishes quite well. Shade 7 (and the other warmer toned shades) gives a nice glow to the face overall which I think helps my pale complexion. Shade 8 (and the other cooler colours) is better for giving a flush of colour to the cheeks, which is also good for different makeup looks. I like that there is a variety of shades and so far I haven't found that any of the colours don't suit my skin tone. That being said, I think the brighter shades like 4 and 9 would look gorgeous on darker/tanned skin tones.

Overall I am super happy with this palette, I think it has a great spectrum of shades and the formula is much better than I expected it to be. And then there's the price! There are lots to choose from when searching 'blush palette' on eBay but I've included this link - here - as the photo looks the most similar to the shades I've got. Either way, they're basically all under £5 which I think is a total bargain. I really recommend this palette, even if you just want to test out what sort of colours suit you, this could be really useful for that.

Do you have one of these palettes, if so what do you think of it? Do you have any other eBay bargains to recommend me?

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