Wednesday, 14 May 2014

spring/summer nail picks

Hi everyone! 

The weather where I am hasn't been very spring or summer like recently. But, it is the middle of May, so I wanted to share with you some of my favourite nail colours for spring and summer, some shades that put a smile on my face while it's grey and dull outside.

Spring/Summer Nails

What I tried to do was pick 5 colours, and then choose shades that would be more suited to spring and summer - basically pastels and brights. I've painted each hand in a different season, with a sort of colour graduation. For reference I used two coats of polish with every nail.

Spring/Summer Nails

For my 'spring' hand, I used top to bottom...

Kiss Me Quick pastel blue - I blogged about this here. I'd forgotten how much I'd enjoyed using this polish - easy, smooth application and a lovely colour too.

Barry M Greenberry - a vibrant mint. Mint is one of my favourite colours in general and I love it for on the nails. The Barry M Gelly formula is one of my all time favourites, so paired with the colour this is an obvious choice.

Barry M Prickly Pear - This is the only Gelly formula I've had any sort of problems with. I just find it a little thin, but the colour still applies pretty evenly so I don't mind too much.

Essie Penny Talk - This one doesn't really fit in so much with the rest but I love this rose gold colour. This polish is super opaque and could easily be ready to go in one coat, so it's great for applying last minute. 

Barry M Papaya - Peach is another of my favourite shades for cheeks, lips and nails. The Barry M offering is an orangey peach which is fairly vibrant too. Not that my super pale self has much experience in this, but I'm sure it would look awesome on tanned or darker skintones!

Spring/Summer Nails

And for my 'summer' hand, this time bottom to top...

Barry M Guava - A vibrant blue with a hint of green. I especially love how this looks with Greenberry.

Barry M Teal - This is probably one of my favourite colours ever. I know it's not hugely summery as it's on the darker side, but the colour reminds me of holidays and the ocean, it's such a lovely shade!

Essie Jamaica Me Crazy - Bright shimmery pink toned purple. Post here.

Nubar Summer Love - the name says it all! I'm not often one for pinks but this one is gorgeous. It has a purpley blue shimmer running through it and a really interesting finish which I love. Full post here.

Essie Orange, It's Obvious - A fairly simple bright orange. This reminds me of summer just looking at it!

All in all I think I do prefer the spring hand, but maybe that's because summer just seems so far away! I also just wanted to share some of the other posts about spring nails I've done over the years:

Last year - this post about the Gelly polishes from Barry M includes 3 of the polishes in this post and two others that I also think would be perfect for the sunnier months.

And here's a bonus bright spotty nail look!

Compiling this list has made me realise I've got a bit of a routine for doing spring/summer nail posts, which I didn't even realise!

Hope you liked! What polishes would you recommend for this time of year?


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  2. great picks, like them :)

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