Wednesday, 21 May 2014

w7 salt n pepper

Hi everyone!

This post is almost the total opposite of my bright and cheery spring and summer nails from last week! Today I wanted to show you a polish I've had for a while and just never got round to blogging about. 

W7 Salt n Pepper

This is Salt n Pepper by W7. As you can see it's a white polish which is fairly sheer, packed with black matte 'glitter' - not sure that's the right word really! I like that this is sheer because you can get the effect of the layers showing through like it appears in the bottle. Hopefully you can see how the polish is a little textured - I quite like this but I'm sure a couple of top coat layers would fix this.

I actually have another polish from this same line with red 'glitter' which I am now looking forward to trying.

What do you think of this effect of polish?

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