Wednesday, 4 June 2014

pink & glitter!

Hi everyone!

I was on my lunch break, catching up on blogs when I got to Cristina's post - here. I loved the way the colours looked, my nails were in need of a re-do, I felt inspired and then this happened...

Pink & Glitter Nails

It's nowhere near immaculate as Cristina's, and I'm sure it will be ruined pretty soon, but I love the combination of colours, and it's giving a bit of cheer to my day when the sky has gone back to it's cloudy self. And in the meantime, There is a mist of glittery goodness on my desk!

The pink is Barry M Grapefruit, and the glitter is one I picked up in Spain, in a Chinese supermarket for €0.75. Bargain!

Hope you liked!

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