Wednesday, 2 July 2014

collection nail polish - tropical pink

Hi everyone!

Another quick one from me, today I just wanted to show you a new nail polish in my stash. 

Collection Nail Polish - Tropical Pink

This is Tropical Pink from the Work The Colour range by Collection. It was actually a little hard to photograph this - it's a bit more pink than how the camera picks it up, but it's still very coral toned.

I found the formula of this to be really easy to work with, some fingers needed 3 coats but most are fine with 2. The shine you see here is without top coat. I just love the colour, it's perfect for summer but still slightly "safe" I think for those who don't like to branch out too much.

One last thing to mention - the price. This is £1.99! I think that's an absolute bargain! Here it is on the Superdrug website, I would definitely recommend checking this out. I have another shade from this range to try, hopefully I like it just as much as this one! 


  1. Oooooh pretty!!! Loving collections stuff at the minute, better quality than most of the premium branded stuff x :o)

    1. Definitely agreed! I love so many of their products :) x


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